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FREIGHT CLAIMS: In order to make any claim, you must report the damage within one business day although it is best to report same day and immediately including showing to the driver. To make any claim, you must take photos of the packaging and any damage to it, the item and any damage to it, and keep the packaging. If you throw away the packaging, it will be much harder to make a claim. Motor freight claims are resolved typically at 10 cents per pound unless you agree to insure the shipment which can be quoted separately. Small package shipments (Generico uses Fed-X only) are paid more responsibility but with no guarantees by Fed-X. Generico will do its best to assist you with any claim however Generico is NOT responsible for damage in shipping unless the item was packed improperly and the photos can show this. Generico is not responsible to replace items damaged by FedX nor any motor carrier if you do not agree to take optional insurance. 


1) Generico automatically collects email addresses from site visitors and from buyers. If you receive any email from Generico and wish to OPT OUT, please reply with REMOVE in the subject line and you will be removed immediately.

2) Please make sure you have read and fully understand the Generico shipping information before placing an order.

3) Please make sure you have read and fully understand the Generico freight claim information before placing an order.

4) Generico maintains a large inventory however the level of inventory fluctuates. Items shown on the website are generally in stock however there is no guarantee any specific item is in stock, nor the quantity you may require. Please inquire about any quantity and timing and every effort will be made to ensure product availability.

5) Generico is a NJ corporation. Any disputes arising from any activity between you and Generico shall be heard in and governed by the laws of the State of New Jersey, County of Hudson. Regardless of the type or nature of any claim a Buyer may decide to undertake as related to receipt of damaged Goods, late delivery of Goods whether within the control of Generico or not, improper use of any Goods purchased or claims resulting from the use of such products, the only liability on the part of Generico are the actual damages incurred and proven.  No claims for consequential, exemplary, punitive, negligence or any other form of damages may be made and by completing your purchase, you automatically consent to this per the published Generico Terms of Use.  In the event of any claim made, the Buyer understands and agrees that it shall be fully responsible for the costs of the defense of Generico unless a court of competent jurisdiction determines that the sole negligence of Generico is the basis for its finding of fault.

6) Generico offers a One Year warranty on all of its products (except lamps which have a specific lifetime) which covers manufacturing defects or product failure from normal use. The warranty does not cover damage by others, damage from mishandling, damage in transit on the part of the Purchaser, or damage from water, lightning, sun exposure (if applicable), electrical fault, or other perils.

7) Many cable assemblies are stocked as well as materials to assemble additional cable products. Every reasonable attempt is made to accommodate every request, however as a rule of thumb please allow three business days minimum for any assembly order. Often, we complete assemblies the same day, particularly if assembling similar items same time however there is no guarantee of this. Please plan accordingly and inquire as to any needs as soon as possible.

8) Blind Shipments: Generico will endeavor to accommodate any request for blind shipping or double blind shipping however this remains subject to the carrier(s) involved.

9) Generico warehouse staff will always make every effort to minimize the footprint of every shipment and minimize the volume of every pallet and box within reason. If you have specific requests as to how you would like certain items packed and shipped, please inquire.

10) All Generico structural products are engineered by the company licensed structural engineer. While Generico personnel may offer opinions as to the fitness for a particular purpose of any structural item or collection of items, it is always recommended that in the event of any question whatsoever, you consult with either your own independent engineer or, the Generico engineer and at a rate quoted per application. Any outdoor structures require an engineering stamp on the completed structure to avoid any possible after the fact claims. In many instances, outdoor structures may not be assembled without a stamped drawing specific to the exact structure being assembled. Buyer expressly understands that Generico structural and rigging products must follow industry guidelines, many of which can be found on the ESTA website (  Buyer warrants and represents that it shall always follow generally accepted practices for use and handling of Generico products and to comply with any State, City, or local ordinance and/or building code where applicable.  In the event of any accident or injury and a claim is made by a third party against Generico, buyer expressly understands and agrees that it shall be fully responsible for any costs incurred by Generico and/or its Insurance Underwriter except in instances of manufacturing defect found to be the proximate cause of such injury or claim or due to the sole negligence of Generico.  Buyer understands and agrees that any use of Generico products or work performed using Generico products requires that the owner and/or user of the products is responsible to carry adequate General Liability Insurance and Property & Casualty insurance when performing any work when using Generico and similar products.  It is highly recommended that a competent person as defined by ESTA should be supervising any use of and installation/dismantle of structural and rigging products.

11)  PURCHASE ORDERS:   Generico generally accepts Purchase Orders from public schools, colleges, universities and governmental agencies on a NET 10 basis however only after approval is provided in writing by Generico.  All other sales are based upon payment in full with order unless agreed upon otherwise.
12)  CREDIT TERMS:  Generico pricing is based upon payment in full with order.  To the extent credit in any form has been provided by Generico, even if only the cost of shipping, the amount(s) due are per the terms set forth on the invoice or written confirmation from Generico.  To the extent no terms have been written, the maximum time period for any payment due to be received is thirty (30) days after receipt of invoice.  Buyer expressly understands and agrees that it shall be responsible for a minimum late charge of ten dollars ($10.00) per month in addition to interest being added to the base amount at 1.5% per month.  In the event that collection action in any form must be undertaken by Generico, all such costs are the complete and total responsibility of the Buyer.  Any amounts collected are applied to the cost of collection first, then interest and late fee’s without reducing the balance due.
13) TRANSFER OF TITLE:  Transfer of Title to any Goods purchased from Generico does not pass until the entire amount due is paid in full including shipping costs and any other costs that may be associated with obtaining payment in full, including collection fee’s.  Generico reserves its rights under the United States Uniform Commercial Code and may undertake to act upon such rights at any time in the event a balance due has not been paid.  Buyer understands and agrees that it shall be fully responsible for any such costs in the event Generico undertakes any such action.
14)  LEGAL AGE:  Buyer warrants and represents that is of legal age and is  both competent and able to accept the Terms and Conditions of Generico as an adult anywhere in North America.  Buyer represents that it is utilizing its own method of payment or has the express permission of the owner of any credit card, credit facility or other form of payment utilized to complete its purchase(s) from Generico.  Buyer understands that by accepting the Terms & Conditions for doing business with Generico, it waives any age or competency related defense.
15)  PRIOR SALE:  Generico product availability is quoted effective as of the date a quote from Generico is received by Buyer.  Product availability is only guaranteed at the time the quote is sent by Generico.  Generico makes no representations as to availability after the date the quote is sent.  Generico will advise of availability as of the date the quote is accepted by Buyer or at any time a status inquiry is made by Buyer in writing. Status updates must be made in writing in order to be binding.  In the event the complete order is not available as of the date of acceptance, Buyer may elect to cancel the order, accept a partial order, or pay any additional costs required to fill the order which may include expedited shipping, air freight, and other costs.
16)  QUANTITY VARIATION:   Generico quotes are specific.  Although Generico does not offer discounts generally, at times certain inquiries may receive some consideration based upon size of order, quantity of a particular line item, or based upon a specific time frame.   Any pricing quoted which addresses any or all of these factors is only valid based upon the exact dates and quantities shown without exception.
17)  RUSH ORDERS:   Generico business hours are 9AM to 5:30PM Monday through Friday Eastern Standard Time.  Motor Freight orders generally need to be received and paid for by noon to ship same day.  Same day shipping is never guaranteed although Generico strives to accommodate any reasonable client request.   FedX orders generally need to be received and paid for by 3pm to make same day shipping.  Generico is a wholesale warehouse operation and not open for walk in clients.  Appointments are always welcome for questions, to view products, or to pick up an order.

18)  HOURS OF OPERATION:   Generico business hours are 9AM to 5:30PM Monday through Friday Eastern Standard Time.  Generico is a wholesale warehouse operation and not open for walk in clients.  Appointments are always welcome for questions, to view products, or to pick up an order with minimal advance notice.  Every effort will be made to accommodate walk in’s by appointment same day except between the hours of 12:30 and 1:30.

SALES TAX:  Generico collects New Jersey State sales tax for all shipments picked up in New Jersey unless the buyer has either a valid NJ-ST3 resale certificate or, a valid NJ-ST3nr certificate for non-residents reselling the product.  There are no exceptions to the sales tax scenario.  If you choose to select your own motor freight carrier, the tax will still be due unless you file one of these two certificates if applicable.  By sending your own carrier, you are effecting possession in New Jersey and thus the tax is due.
GENERICO PRODUCT INVENTORY Generico products shown on this website are all products that are generally in stock.  Quantities vary and no guarantee is made of any product being in stock. We often see large orders clean out a particular item in one click, then not have stock for several weeks.   If you have specific requirements, please contact us for availability as far in advance as possible.  If you click to purchase and we do not have the complete order in stock, we will contact you with options including when the balance of your order can ship or, cheerfully refund you in full.