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Generico staging equipment consists of all high quality industry standard style products which also interface with certain other brands. All Generico stage platforms are constructed with 1” plywood and a durable black laminate top. The bottom is sealed with an aluminum sheet to provide the required fire rating for use in North America. All decks can be supported with standard 1-5/8″ black pipe cut to length or by using our ATSF support systems. When using the ATSF support systems, it allows the user to “skip” every other support frame and support decks between two existing frames as shown in the photo below. In this manner, a 24 x 44′ stage requires only 12 frames to support the 33 decks 4′ x 8′. All Generico 4 x 8 decks include an aluminum I-Beam center support for maximum capacity. Industry standard decks typically do not include the center support. When reviewing options for stage decks be sure to look for this detail.