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Aluminum Truss Towers

Generico truss and tower systems are engineered specifically for the purpose(s) intended. There are an infinite number of configurations available in how these products may be used. Consult with a qualified professional for your particular application. Structural reports for certain configurations may be available upon request. Generico is able to offer structural reports for numerous USA jurisdictions for certain configurations and is able to provide reports for your configuration upon request and on a per-application fee basis.

Local engineering codes may vary, and it is always recommended (and in many cases is required) to use a licensed structural engineer to review and stamp your tower configuration drawing for your particular application and marketplace. Generico is able to assist with area/location specific structural reports for numerous states, and numerous applications and configurations. Generico towers should only be used by entertainment rigging professionals or professional theatrical rigging or staging contractors. Guying towers is unlike many other guying applications and guying without professional guidance, equipment, and tools should not be contemplated nor undertaken. Many jurisdictions will require a structural report for the specific structure and/or configuration contemplated. It is the users responsibility to determine whether or not an engineering report is needed. Any modification to a structure with an existing report that deviates whatsoever from the exact stamped report voids the structural data for the original application. All towers require appropriate guying and support in every outdoor application and any guying should only be performed by a qualified entertainment rigging profession or per the direction of a licensed structural engineer.

LINE ARRAY – GROUND SUPPORT Designed for use at up to 35′ (depending upon configuration), Generico ground support towers are only used in applications requiring two or more connected towers.

Generico tower systems are designed to be sold as a system. Any parts purchased separately are used at the sole discretion of the purchase and with no warranty either expressed or implied on the part of Generico. No parts should be used independently without review by a licensed structural engineer. Purchaser uses any tower parts purchased at its sole risk. The use of any Generico tower parts in a non-engineered structure with a stamped drawing creates an automatic waiver of any right of claim by Purchaser against Generico and Purchaser releases and holds Generico harmless and shall provide and pay for its defense in the event of any third party claim against Generico.