12" Ground Support Tower System

Generico Ground Support Tower systems are typically utilized with a minimum of two (2) towers together with a horizontal truss span for supporting LED screens or similar applications, and often up to ten (10) or twelve (12) towers for a large roof or grid system. Generico Ground Support Tower systems may be utilized to a maximum height of 40. The maximum allowable load per tower is 7500 pounds. Any use of these towers, in whole or in part, should be supervised by a qualified person as defined in the ESTA (Entertainment Services & Technology Association, www.ESTA.org) rigging safety standards section. Towers may be used in varying heights up to the maximum height simply by selecting the desired tower truss sections to create the top height. Any system of one (1) or more towers used outdoors should be evaluated by a licensed structural engineer in order to comply with any applicable local code.


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