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12" x 18" Aluminum Box Truss

Generico truss and tower systems are engineered specifically for the purpose(s) intended. There are an infinite number of configurations available in how these products may be used. Consult with a qualified professional for your particular application. We can offer structural reports for any types of project. Stamped structural reports on file and available for New York and California. We are able to provide reports for other states upon request. For any state for which the engineering licenses we use do no cover, reports are available on a per case basis for each truss product line.


*Generico 12 x 18 truss is 100% compatible with the industry standard bolt patterns of Tomcat 12 x 18 truss, Thomas 12 x 18 truss, Total Structures 12 x 18 truss, Applied Electronics 12 x 18 truss, Extreme Structures 12 x 18 truss, Tyler Truss 12 x 18 truss.

*All Generico Black truss is powder coated, additional colors available priced POA