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Generico prides itself on being the innovator of the “flat pack” sandbag with the theory being “why ship sand to the beach”. Sand can be purchased in every city in the USA so why ship sandbags 1000 miles when you can purchase sand locally and fill the Generico flat pack sandbags easily and economically saving both shipping costs and the price of pre-filled bags. Simply pull open the velcro and remove the provided heavy duty plastic bags. Fill each bag with the desired amount of sand (10-12..5#) and fold the bag over and wrap with tape that won’t come off as it is captured inside the pouch. Insert the bags into each side of the flat pack bag, and close the velcro.

Generico chain bags rival any other hoist chain bag in the marketplace today. Manufactured from high strength Nylon Cordura with two extra heavy duty clips, Generico chain bags have been sold by the thousands since the first ones sold in 2009. Available in 20″ and 30″ models, these rugged bags will withstand the rigors of use for many years. Generico will gladly custom manufacture any style of chain bag to suit your requirements. Other custom bags and sewing is available utilizing these same heavy duty materials.