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Shipping Policy

We are able to offer two general methods for shipping cost quotes, either before checkout so our clients can determine if the shipping makes sense, or as a click and buy and then shipping is added. 

ADVANCE QUOTES: For shipping quotes prior to ordering, we will gladly provide written quotes which are firm for five (5) business days. We send your potential order out to a series of carriers and send you the best option. For us to quote, we need to know what date you plan on ordering if the shipping cost is satisfactory, and the date you need the order at your door. There are many variations we run into, and we cannot quote accurately unless we receive clear instructions. Please click Here to fill out a shipping quote request. All fields must be filled out in order for this to submit. Please note that changing an order slightly is unlikely to change the shipping by any noticeable amount. If you agree to the amount quoted, you can then click and purchase the desired items. If the time frame changes, the quote will change. Orders must be received by noon to get in line for shipments same day. Please allow sufficient time to pull/pack your order. While we will do everything possible to ship same or next day, often there are numerous orders in line that take the rest of the work day to conclude. Please provide your complete order to avoid the need for multiple shipping quotes.

CLICK & BUY ORDERS: For all click and buy orders that are paid and checked out, we will obtain at least three quotes, and send you the best price based upon your location, transit time, delivery window, etc. and invoice you separately for shipping. Your order will ship once the shipping invoice is paid.


Orders are not pulled and packed until the order is paid for. If your order is a rush order we will pull and pack your order with a deposit of either $100.00 or five percent (5%) of the order, whichever is greater. If the order cancels after packing, this deposit is forfeited to cover the costs of packing and unpacking the order. The amount charged will be credit to your order total at checkout.

1) All shipments require a signature. If you click “no signature required”, you absolve Generico from any item that is shown to be delivered by the carrier selected but is not at the location when you arrive. We will not ship with “no signature required” without this specific permission.

2) Please notify us regarding any deliveries to a location with multiple buildings on the same site such as colleges, universities, military bases, and government facilities. For any such deliveries in is critical that we receive not only the street address of the front entrance, as well as the specific address on the campus. A contact name with cell number is required.

3) All orders are shipped at the best available rate at the time. Buyers may handle their own freight arrangements and Generico will pack the order and have it available on the dock.

4) It is the Buyers responsibility to examine all items received for damage while the driver is present. Generico is not responsible for after the fact claims. If it is not possible to inspect every item, please sign the Bill of Lading “BOL” with “received but not inspected”.

5) In the event of any damage in shipping, please write “Shipment arrived damaged” on the BOL and take photographs from all angles. Please inspect the entire shipment, not just the exterior.

6) Please notify us immediately upon receipt of a damaged shipment and forward us the photos and a copy of the BOL with notes about the damage written on it.

7) shipments do not ship with any insurance other than that which is provided by the Carrier moving the shipment. Typically this amounts to $0.10 per pound for motor freight. We will gladly quote replacement cost insurance upon request. This increases the freight cost. Buyer may elect to waive insurance however Buyer assumes all responsibility as of when the shipment leaves the Generico dock.

8) Any claim of shortage must be made on the same date the shipment is received.