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12" Line Array Tower System

Generico Line Array Tower System “LATS” are engineered to suspend a 1500 pound column of line array speakers using a single electric chain hoist (hoist not included but can be quoted upon request). Generico Line Array Towers are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and are set up easily in a short period of time. Four screw jacks are provided for installing the tower on non-level surfaces. The use of separate foot pads under the screw jacks on all surfaces except concrete is recommended. Lower versions of the Line Array Tower can be created by removing one of the 10′ tower truss sections and replacing with 8′ or 5′ sections which are stocked. Any use of these towers, in whole or in part, should be supervised by a qualified person as defined in the ESTA (Entertainment Services & Technology Association, rigging safety standards section. Towers may be used in varying heights up to the maximum height simply by selecting the desired tower truss sections to create the top height. Any system of one (1) or more towers used outdoors should be evaluated by a licensed structural engineer in order to comply with any applicable local code. “please download the tower PDF for loading data and use guidelines”