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EATON Brand Power Distribution


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These PD’s are brand new, and you can see what the US Government paid for these, $157,000.00 each.  Crazy!

But, you can own 1 or more of these for $2000.00ea.

These feature 5 wire all male cam lok inputs, and 2 x 200 amp breakers to all female 5 wire cam lok outputs.


There are Amphenol style power outputs that can be changed pretty easily to other connectors:

2 x 100 amp 5 wire, 4 x 60 amp 5 wire, 2 x 120 volt 3 wire.

With the right female connectors, someone qualified can change this over in one day, perhaps with a little overflow.

We can do it for you at an additional cost.


10 available.

Additional information

Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 18 in