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200′ 12/14 6 Circuits Soco Cable


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200 ft. 12/14 6 circuits Soco Cable


  • Rating:      20A, 300VAC Max (6-circuits)
  • Connector:   Male In Line Generico SOCO19LM-B or SOCO19LM-S
    •              Female In Line Generico Soco 19LF-B or SOCO19LF-S
  • Cable:        GenFlex Stage Lighting Cable 12 AWG, 14 conductors, 1000V
  • Weight:    95 lbs

Generico “Split Backshell” connectors are similar to the original SL61 Socapex series connector that came into use in the theatrical lighting industry in the 1970’s.  With the “split” backshell, a damaged shell can be replaced without having to completely remove it from the cable which has to be done for any other type of backshell

Additional information

Weight 98 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 16 in
connector type

Barrel type, Split Shell type